We’ve been busy…

Our team has been popping into businesses down Church Street, Church Lane, Emery Lane, Dolphin Lane, West Street and Wide Bargate, delivering our forms. We’re also looking at places that haven’t normally been lit up at Christmas, such as Red Lion Street, Pump Square and Bank Street.
We’re asking for a minimum donation of £95.
You will receive a 4 foot Norway Spruce Christmas tree with lights, brackets, timer and fitting all included to hang on the outside of your business.
Within that £95 is an extra amount we’re using to light up your lane.
The more businesses that sign up, the better lit your lane will be.
Whatever funds are raised will be match-funded by BTAC (Boston Town Area Committee).
As an example let’s assume it is exactly 1K to light up a lane.
We would need SIX businesses to sign up minimum.
This would raise £570 and with match-funding an overall total of £1140.
The maximum amount that can be match-funded is 10K, which is the total we are aiming to raise, unlocking £20,000.
Imagine what it could look like.
Lights hanging from side to side with small Christmas trees on the front of shops.
The exact opposite of last year with something truly wonderful for every Bostonian to be proud of and cherish, not to mention the fantastic Christmas memories for your children.
Most businesses in every lane have now been approached and we have started to receive donations.

Don’t be left out! Please help us light up Boston.

Email: info@christmasinboston.co.uk