The latest fundraising and illumination project by community group, Christmas in Boston involves Memorial Lanterns, which are now available to buy from the shop in Boston Stump for £20.

These lanterns will be placed along the walkway towards the church and a label containing your dedication will be attached to each one so you can identify which lantern is yours. After Christmas these will be taken down and can be collected from the shop at St Botolph’s Church (The Stump) to keep.

Speaking of the initiative, committee chair Dylan Taylor said: “At Christmas, the loss of those friends or family missing from the festivities can be felt more than at any other time of year and we think the memorial lanterns are a lovely way to remember those who are sadly no longer with us.”
“The Christmas in Boston memorial lanterns came about after an initial suggestion from one of the team. This prompted ideas from others which helped form it into a fully rounded idea.
“The plan originally was to hang them along the sides of the town bridge but having them outside St Botolph’s was considered more appropriate.”

Eight cherry blossom trees are also being situated at the War Memorial and will be available to sponsor at £95 per tree. These will be on display for the whole Christmas period and your name will be mentioned through social media channels and publicity.

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